Hello! I'm Emelen Freelance Writer

Helping people to connect each other through written content.

I write content that educates and adds value. I create articles, notes, blog post, and involvement with creative proposals; writing text to be inserted on websites, based on specific subjects or themes. I write sales page, social networks, video scripts, cold email templates, articles, leads magnets, case studies and many other exponents of written. My expertise is writing creative types of content, including articles, brochures, blogs, E-books and variety of writing styles. In particular, I enjoy writing philosophical articles. I’m Bilingual Portuguese and English, increasing my potential networking. The differential of my work is the high level of quality and commitment. I believe the power of writing can benefit everyone. The written communicate is universal and immeasurable, that’s why I have pleasure to help people and companies stay connect in a simple and strategy way with purpose to get a positive results. 

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