What Is Copywriting?

The Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive texts, that advertises a product, service or brand. The professional responsive for developing the text (also called a copy) is known as a Copywriter.

The written content has the power of words to convince people for the only purpose of selling something, that something; it might be a product (ex. smartphone), might be a service (ex. restaurant) or it might be a brand (ex. Adidas)

Copywriting ASK people to read a text and DO something; for example: 'Follow me', 'Visit my website'. Normally tends a sense of urgency:  'Buy today', 'Call now'.


The term copywriting came from the written copy. In the past these professionals needed to write copy advertises several times.

The word copywriting was created in 1828 by Noah Webster (was an American lexicographer, writer, author of the English language spelling reform). Copy refer to something original that should be limited in writing and printing. However, this definition was not widely used, but it was a term always used among journalists and printers. In 1870 they began to define the copywriter as the professional who writes advertisements. At the time, these professional advertising copywriters leveraged the commercial market and helped several brands to gain knowledge and earn millions of dollars.

The professional copywriter (who writes the copy), currently uses digital marketing mechanisms. In the past when this ‘art’ was created, there were no printers or any other instrument capable of creating copies of several identical papers. Today advertisements are advertised on social media, in the past they were handwritten with pen and ink and placed on poles in major USA and European cities.

Nowadays, with the popularization of the Internet and the rise of digital marketing, the term copywriting has been reformulated, got a professional status and has increasingly distanced itself from simple publicity.


The copywriter is a professional capable of convincing and captivating the attention of the visitor to a website or blog; making a person follow the instructions given, using the copywriting in conjunction with a content marketing strategy; that’s why the persuasive writing technique is very important. It’s essential to make your website or blog visitor become a customer of your company. The main objective is to make the customer take action, such as subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a material, reading a post, accessing a blog…The quality of the writing arouses the interest of the client, so it is important to have a well written content.


There are five main types of copywriting:

  • PRINT copywriting – is that appears on printed sheets of paper; it includes newspapers, magazines, both consumer and trade, brochures, direct mail, case studies, etc.
  • OUTDOOR copywriting – is promotional messages that appear in public spaces; it includes billboards, bus shelter ads, subway ads, elevator ads, vehicle signage, etc.
  • ONLINE copywriting – is promotional messages that appear on or are sent through the Internet; it includes banner ads on websites and social media platforms, txt apps on smartphones, e-commerce product pages, etc.
  • BROADCAST copywriting – is promotional writing that is broadcast to an audience using electronic means; it includes radio ads, television ads, cable television ads, television infomercials.
  • BRANDING copywriting – is promotional writing that promotes an organization or an event, as opposed to a product or a service; it includes names of companies, names for products, names for services, slogans, themes conferences, conventions and other meetings.


The audiences are distinct so the strategies and sales planning are different too. The difference between the two strands is the target audience. There are two main audiences for copywriting: Consumers or Business.


Copywriting that is written by a business and directed at a consumer; normally is an individual consumer. It represents one of the main business plans, the most common that covers all business segments.


Copywriting that is written by a business and directed at a business. The focus is to market services and products that are interests of other companies, such as industries that sell to distributors, also many service companies, consultancies and agencies.

These marketing strategies aim to attract and involve customers and nothing prevents the mix of these two business plan models. If you want to be a competent professional in one of these areas, it's important that you specialize in selling business or selling consumers. Find your audience that writing with a great copy helping people increasing success of their business .


Writing for the Internet is not easy. Creating texts and developing a written content that attract and sell, is an hard work and requires specific techniques to captivate the audience.

The goal of the copy is sales. That’s copywriting.

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