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Here is a simple glossary of copywriting terms and concepts that might help you. I hope it proves to be useful to visitors which are reading or studying copywriting. Here you’ll find brief definitions commonly used terms among writers.

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Addressee Not Known
Above the fold
It refers about the top section of a website that visitors can see without having to scroll down.
Acknowledgement email
It refers about an acknowledgement of an email confirmed by visitor the site. For example: ‘Thank you for subscribing.’
It refers about a style of advertising. The name is combination of the words ‘advertisement’ and ‘editorial’. The premise of advertorial is to offers some kind of helpful information as part to the regular articles.
It refers a sequence of automated emails sent to site visitors who have already confirmed their email addresses as a result into your mailing or purchase a product or signing up of membership or newsletter . Usually auto responder contain helpful information to the customer relevant to the product purchased.
The value that a buyer gets from a product feature.
A blog is an electronic website whose structure allows for quick updating based on additions of so-called articles, posts or publications. My favourite blog is
Body Copy
Text that forms the main content of a book, magazine, web page or any other print or digital work.
It’s a symbolic representation of an entity, whatever it may be, something that allows to identify it in an immediate way; brand management strategy that aims to make it more recognized by its audience and present in the market.
Bulk Mail Centre (BMC)
It refers about direct-response mailers a highly-automated mail processing system for sending out mass mailings.
Business to Business (B2B)
Copywriting that sells a business product or service to a business.
Business to Consumer (B2C)
Copywriting that sells a business product or service to a consumer.
Call Out
It refers a pay attention a specific quote that encourage the visitor to read the body copy.
Call to Action (CTA)
The part of a promotional message that invites the reader or viewer to act.
Click Through Rate (CTR)
The percentage of prospects who opened and received your email and clicked through on a hyperlink on online sales page.
Content Management System (CMS)
It refers an application used to create, edit, manage and publish content on digital platforms.
Words, both written and spoken, designed to sell a product, service or brand.
Someone who writes promotional copy.
The act of writing promotional copy.
Cost per Thousand
The total cost of a promotion (including copy, design, list rental, printing and mailing costs, and postage charges) divided by the number of impressions was made in the thousands.
Someone who has bought a product or service. Synonymous with Buyer and Client.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
It was created to define a whole class of information systems or tools that automate customer contact functions.
Statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it. Includes such things as age, gender, income and marital status.
Direct Response Copywriting
Copywriting that addresses the needs of one individual, and aims to solicit an immediate, measurable action.
Email Marketing
It refers a form of marketing by using email to a specific list to let them know about promotions.
Email Newsletter
A newsletter is a type of regular distribution to subscribers and usually addresses a particular subject.
An aspect of a product or service, such as its weight or height. See Benefit.
Forwarding Order Expired (FOE)
The order to forward mail to a new address expired.
Free Standing Insert (FSI)
An unattached promotion found in a newspaper or magazine.
The main sentence or sentences at the top of a promotional message.
Hyper Text Markup Language (HTMP)
A mark up language for web pages. It’s the code used to structure the copy, present images, and create hypertext links between pages.
It’s a graphic or part of text in an Internet document that can link readers to another page, or another part of a document.
It’s a word that resume the main themes of a text. Identifies important ideas and themes to serve as a reference for research.
Landing Page
A single page on a website designed to promote one product or service, or to solicit one action, such as subscribe to a newsletter.
It’s a marketing term used to describe the beginning of a potential customer’s interest in a particular business product or service. Leads are contacts who have shown interest in some type of product or service.
Letter of Agreement
A legal contract between a copywriter and a customer purposed to protect both and to outline payment.
Lift note
A note, in letter form, added to a main sales letter about a product or service.
A newsletter is a type of regular distribution to subscribers and usually addresses a particular subject. Newsletters are becoming more and more widespread as electronic messages; emails that the user can receive after registering on a website
Off the page (OTP)
A sale directly from a press release, is when your website is mentioned elsewhere on the web.
The offer is the marketing condition that a seller can make about a product or service. Hypothetically, the offer has a value inversely proportional to the purchase value, that is, the higher the offer, the lower the value of the product
Advertisements that opens in the internet browser when accessing a web page or some redirect link.
Evidence or sufficient argument for the truth of a proposition, may include testimonials, supporting document or supporting fact.
Interferences in the text, aiming at its improvement. These changes can affect words, sentences or paragraphs and occur through cuts, inclusions, inversions or displacements
A potential buyer, client or customer.
The study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research.
Ride along program (RAL)
A type of marketing campaign any business owner can leverage to get specific marketing messages in front of a specific person by “riding along” with something this person is already engaged with.
Programming language followed by computer systems and bring information that is processed and transformed into actions.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Is the set of strategies with the purpose of enhancing and improving the positioning of a website in the results pages of search engines, generating conversions, whether they are a lead, a purchase, a form submission, appointment scheduling and others.
A mini headline that occurs in the middle of a sales message.
A short message that captures the selling promise of a product, service or brand. Synonymous with Slogan.
It involves dividing a market into segments on which a company directs its marketing efforts and resources.
First-person endorsement made by a customer about a product, service or company.
Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
A statement that describes a unique feature or benefit of a product or service, and demonstrates why potential customers should favour it over competing offerings.

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