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Everyone has a career trajectory, each journey is individual, distinct and special. Every life story is inspirational!

‘Once Upon a time…’

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I was a curious child. In the first year of school when I was in literate process I got stood out in the classroom, the Portuguese language teacher said that my handwriting was one of the most beautiful and legible she had ever seen. After that I started helping the teacher with texts written on the blackboard and I loved it, obviously I didn’t imagine that in the future it would be my true passion. At that time I remember the girls in school exchanging stationery letters with drawings and motivational phrases and I had loved to gift my friends with own phrases and small stories. Soon came the addict for diaries and there was no way back. I have been collecting annual diaries since 1992, and since that I writing poems, song lyrics, ideas and thoughts. Still In the school I participated in writers groups, achieving another skills. Later years it facilitated my entry into the university. At the University in the first year of course Technology in Process Management, I was highlighted in some articles and mainly in my thesis for the conclusion of the course. My second degree could not be different, I chose Philosophy or I was chosen to be the philosopher. For me it was not only getting money or getting academic training, it’s what I really believe. The world of ideas is something that enchants me. I did the coursed for 2 years but unfortunately and fortunately at same time I had to interrupt, life circumstances did give me the opportunity to live in another country. But I never stopped studying Philosophy, a philosopher always  to be a philosopher. I’m so fascinated by writing and it’s capability to bring my imagination to amazing stories. I fell in love with the idea of publish my own writings so I set out to learn everything I could. I have been teaching myself for past years and I’m still learning every day. I’m building my business as a freelance Copy & Content Writer as well working in my writing books too. I look forward to the upcoming events. Let the next stories come!

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